The 5 Best Compact and Mini Circular Saws In 2020 (NEW Guide)

Best Compact and Mini Circular Saws

If there’s one thing that compact saws offer, it’s easy maneuverability. What do DIY enthusiasts want? Just that.

Mini circular saws are compact (apparent by their name) but provide an excellent cutting finish with a better control within a short amount of time.

However, the concentrated saw market consists of several manufacturers who claim to offer several features and accessories at high prices. Keeping this in mind, it’s necessary to understand that every worker has different needs that can often be met by basic components.

Our list of the best compact and mini circular saws takes into account customer feedback, research, and analysis along with our own experience. We strive to make your buying process easier hence, we included a buying guide that contains the necessary factors that need to be considered while purchasing a compact circular saw.

Best Compact Circular Saw

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
VonHaus 5.8 Amp Compact Circular SawWORX WX429L Compact Circular SawDremel SM20-03 Saw-Max Tool Kit

  • Provides great cutting power
  • Effectively cleans the work surface

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Provides excellent cutting power

  • Great for a variety of cuts
  • Makes flush cutting easier

Compact and Mini Circular Saw Reviews

1. VonHaus 5.8 Amp Compact Circular Saw

VonHaus 5.8 Amp Compact Circular Saw

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See the VonHaus 5.8 in a glance:
  • powerful 5.8 amp motor
  • Can cut through wood, flooring, ceramic tile and metals
  • Has an extra-long dust extraction hose for cleaner cuts and 118-inch cable for ease of movement
  • Voltage: 120V
  • No-Load Speed: 4,500RPM
  • Blade Diameter: 3 ½.”
  • Blade Arbour: 3/8″
  • Comprises of ergonomically balanced design with a slim grip handle, rear-motor construction
  • Has high quality and hardwearing storage facility
  • Great for professionals and DIY enthusiasts
  • easy-to-use precision depth control allows you to make plunge cuts of up to 1-1/8″


The reason why the VonHaus Corded Ultra-Compact Circular Saw Kit is the first on our list is simply that it’s one of our favorites. It’s the best circular saw for making clean and professional cuts on a wide variety of materials, including wood, tiles, plastics, and flooring.


The one word to describe the ergonomic design of this circular saw is balanced. It has a slim grip handle with a rear motor construction. These features are often ignored; however, turn out to play an important part in the overall comfort. Woodcutting takes a long time. Hence, a proper handle will minimize strain and enhance your productivity. Moreover, it ensures that you maintain a proper grip, an essential role for accurate results, while its single-handed capability allows you to switch your hands to let them rest.

It’s lightweight. Therefore, you can carry it around easily while exercising maximum control on the path of the saw. Moreover, it has a 118 inch extra long cable so you can work in a wide area and gain access to spaces that can’t be accessed easily.


There is no use of the additional features of the saw if it doesn’t provide enough power. The VonHaus circular saw has a powerful motor of 5.8 amps that spins the blade at a glorious speed of 4500 RPM. Sounds wonderful, right?

Furthermore, the 3.5-inch blade diameter is able to make a variety of cuts, including plunge and rip cuts with ease. These cuts are made easier with the precision depth control. Hence, there’s a capacity of making plunge cuts of up to 1-1/8 inch deep.

Other features

An important determinant of a safe and proper working environment is its cleanliness. On the other hand, working with wood leads to the accumulation of sawdust that flows everywhere. Hence, this circular saw contains a dust port and extraction hose to make your life easier. The 83.56-inch long hose sucks in the accumulated sawdust after every few seconds and makes sure that the cut line is free of any dust, leading to improved visibility and accurate cutting.

Another great feature of the saw it it’s laser cutting guide; it improves the visibility for perfect blade alignment and cuts.

What we like:

  • Provides great cutting power at an affordable price
  • Effectively cleans the work surface
  • It is portable and comes with a carry case

What we don’t:

  • It comprises of an abrupt learning curve

Editor’s Rating

4.1 out of 5 stars

2. WORX WX429L Compact Circular Saw

WORX WX429L Compact Circular Saw

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See the WORX WX429L in a glance:
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds
  • Thin blade for less strain
  • Blade Size 4.5 inches
  • No-Load Speed: 3500 RPM
  • Easy-set depth gauge lever with 0-45 degree bevel settings for quick adjustments
  • Great for cutting wood, metal, tile or plastic
  • Left-sided blade design ensures cut-line visibility
  • The integrated safety trigger promotes comfort and control
  • can be adjusted from 0-45° for a wide variety of bevel cutting
  • Makeup to 2-inch adjustments for easy cuts and full-size performance
  • Three years of the manufacturer’s warranty


The Worx brand is a new name in the saw industry, but it doesn’t seem like it. It has gained popularity for all the right reasons; the design, power, and performance are worth mentioning. This is a great tool for people who, occasionally, need equipment for domestic cutting jobs.


The first thing that we would like to mention is the weight of 4.4 pounds, almost near to nothing. Cutting jobs often need workers to move around, and no one is fond of carrying heavy tools, especially if it is for a longer period. The handle is ergonomically designed for usage by a single hand and effectively minimizes strain caused by constant usage; it has a smart grip design that provides comfort and relieves the pressure points in your hands.


Talking about its specs, the Worx circular saw is a corded saw, which means that the provided power will be relatively higher than the cordless counterparts. The output power has a rate of 4 amperes and runs at an input power of 120 volts, that is available through primary household power outlets. The no-load speed is 3500 RPM. Hence, you can easily work with several materials, including tiles and thick metals.

Another feature that people often look for is the ability to make angled or bevel cuts. It includes cutting depth and bevel angle adjustment levers to change the bevel capacity from 0 to 45 degrees.

Other features

Safety should never be undermined, and when using a cutting blade, one should be penalized for it. Worx makes customers safety their first priority; therefore, the saw comprises a trigger lock. It is reached easily and includes a lock button that holds the blade securely during adjustment and replacement.

Another great feature is the onboard storage. We were shocked when he heard it for the first time; how can a mini and compact circular saw include a storage area? However, thanks to the skilled manufacturers, they managed to make a small area that can easily store your adjustment wrench.

Furthermore, it includes a dust port, which is essential in terms of maintaining a clean working space and a clear mind. It sucks in the sawdust away from the measurements and blades, storing it in the sturdy dust bag.

What we like:

  • The compact size is great for everyone
  • Provides excellent cutting power
  • Lightweight and portable

What we don’t:

  • The cutting speed is relatively slower
  • Features a small guide and sled hence, hard to use

Editor’s Rating

4.2 out of 5 stars

3. Dremel SM20-03 Saw-Max Tool Kit

Dremel SM20-03 Saw-Max Tool Kit

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See the Dremel SM20-03 in a glance:
  • Easy to use and safe
  • Made in the United States
  • Has a Powerful 6-Amp motor
  • The versatile cutting system is great for straight cuts, flush cuts, and plunge cuts
  • Can be operated by one hand with excellent maneuverability
  • It has a user-friendly gripping zone for control when plunge cutting multiple materials for a clean and precise cut.
  • Has two Cutting Wheel Positions
  • Excellent Line of Sight and Adjustable Depth Control
  • Can be used for Soft/Hard Wood, Plywood, Composites, Laminate Flooring, Drywall, PVC, Plastic, Tile, and Masonry Materials


The Dremel Saw-Max is an effective circular saw for most DIY enthusiasts. It is a powerful and versatile tool at a low price point, so many people can afford it. Moreover, it allows users to do a variety of different cuts


The portability of a circular saw matters a lot, especially if your job requires you to move around several workshops frequently. It isn’t possible to carry a heavy saw to work every day, and that’s exactly why Dremel weighs only 4.4 pounds. Moreover, the small dimensions allow it to fit anywhere, great for people who only carry a toolbox.

Furthermore, the handle can be operated by a single hand leading to excellent maneuverability. Moreover, you can easily switch between your hands to increase productivity. The cutting system is great for straight, flush, and plunge cuts on materials including but not limited to Soft and Hard Wood, Plywood, Composites, Drywall, PVC, Plastic, and masonry materials.

Straight cutting is the best method for straight lines on the plywood due to its compact design, whereas the plunge cutting utilizes the user-friendly gripping zones of the saw to exercise maximum control without the need for drilling pilot holes. Flush cutting is another significant procedure that requires cuts against other materials like door trims, but turning the blade sideways; you can easily cut wood and plastics.


It delivers an outstanding output power of 6 amperes, much higher from mini circular saws at the same price range. It is strong enough to handle a variety of different materials and tough applications. It needs an input power of 120 volts that can be easily provided by your primary household outlet.

Other features 

How would one believe the numerous claims made by manufacturers? By their warranty. Despite the low price point, Dremels manufacturers offer a 2-year limited warranty so you can use the saw without any issues.

What we like:

  • Great for a variety of cuts
  • The adjustable depth makes flush cutting easier

What we don’t:

  • Has some plastic components which make it less durable
  • The blades wear out fast
  • Not great for beginners

Editor’s Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars

4. Genesis GCS545C Compact Circular Saw

Genesis GCS545C Compact Circular Saw

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See the Genesis GCS545C in a glance:
  • powerful, compact, and lightweight
  • 8 amp motor and 3500 RPM with triple‐gear reduction for maximum torque
  • Quickly cuts through all thick materials with a tungsten-carbide-tipped blade or 4.5-inch blades
  • Has a built‐in dust port and vacuum adaptor for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable depth and bevel settings, maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees is 1-11/16 inches
  • bevel capacity at 45 degrees is 1-1/8 inches
  • Has an ergonomic control grip for one-handed operation
  • Includes RIP guide for accurate and long cuts
  • Great for Drywall, Subfloor, and metals like Copper and Aluminum
  • Two-year warranty


The Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw is a great illustration of continuous innovations in the electronics industry. It makes the sawing process stress-free and flexible to guarantee comfort while its unique features make it a great tool for beginners and DIY enthusiasts.


The blades are one of the best features of this saw. Some people might think that two blades are not enough; however, they work better than several blades combined. The Tungsten Carbide Blade or TCT blades cut a large variety of materials at a faster speed. On the other hand, high-speed steel or HSS is great for cutting copper and aluminum since they provide a smooth and proper finish on metals. Moreover, changing the blades is quite hassle-free. These high functioning blades are famous among most metalworkers since jobs, like creating metal bed frames and porch work, are made quite easy and effortless.

Portability is another essential feature of every equipment. Some jobs need workers to move from one workshop to another, and during this time, a heavy machine would be a nuisance. Therefore, this user-friendly machine weighs a mere 6 pounds; hence, carrying it around will be no issue. The portability is further enhanced by its maneuverable cord that prevents strain on the worker’s hands.

Furthermore, it comprises of an adjustable bevel control system along with a soft, firm grip. As a result, your job requirements for each process are met easily.


The first thing that we look for in a circular saw is its power. Compact and mini circular saws are less powerful than the larger ones; however, Genesis gives a tough competition to its counterparts. The 5.8-ampere motor is quite powerful and doubles the cutting speed. That is because the motor produces a high amount of torque, while the triple gearbox further enhances it.

Moreover, if your main focus is on saving time i.e., higher productivity, Genesis is a great alternative since it offers a speed of 3000 RPM.

Other features

This saw comprises a dust port and vacuüm adapter. A clean working space is integral to a safe and productive working environment; therefore, these components suck in the sawdust for a clean slate. Along with this, lack of dust will decrease the threat of electric short circuits and fires since metal and wood are highly combustible. In short, this versatile and affordable circular saw is great for DIY enthusiasts and amateurs.

What we like:

  • A versatile piece of equipment at an affordable price
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Has a comfortable hand grip

What we don’t:

  • Comprises of a short guide bar
  • The blade guard is made of plastic. Hence, it isn’t very durable

Editor’s Rating

4 out of 5 stars

5. TACKLIFE Circular Saw

TACKLIFE Circular Saw

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See the TACKLIFE Circular Saw in a glance:
  • The unique metal handle reduces fatigue for one-hand working, offering stronger clamping force to make the cutting more stable
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Amps copper motor and 3,500 rpm
  • Great for cutting wood, plastics, plasterboard, PVC pipe and tiles
  • 6 Blades extend the applications
  • Left-sided blade design for great cut-line visibility
  • Optimized ergonomic slim grip
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty card.
  • Has a double safety switch control for safety
  • Has a curved dust port for easy cleaning
  • Rip guide for easy parallel cuts
  • Adjustable cutting angle from 90° to 45 °, maximum cutting depth at 90° is 1-11/16″
  • bevel capacity at 45 degrees is 1-3/8″
  • Has a practical aluminum alloy guard for extra durability and safety


TackLifes Mini circular saw made rounds in the market after its release. The reasons were mainly due to its ergonomic design coupled with portability and efficiency; users would not want more from a compact and mini circular saw, and that’s exactly why Tacklife has become a family favorite.


You get more than what you pay for by investing in this circular saw. The ergonomic design ensures that every user enjoys a comfortable experience during the cutting process.

The first thing that one would notice is its metal handle. People often ignore this feature, but in our opinion, an incorrect handle size ruins the entire process by making it uncomfortable, and we all know what that leads to- a bad finishing. The unique metal handles design offers a one-handed working experience that reduces fatigue while offering a stronger clamping force. These traits work together for a more stable and even finish. Moreover, the installation process is beginner-friendly and is done by mere rotation of the handle.


This is the second time that we have mentioned its efficiency. Wonder why? This compact circular saw comprises a 710 Watts motor, which is more than enough for a powerful cutting experience. The motor drives the saw with a cutting speed of 3500 RPM without comprising on its accuracy or overall speed. If you work for a company that is strict about the accuracy, you won’t need to worry since it features a practical laser guide for ultra-precision.

Furthermore, it has an output power of 5.8 Amps that is enough for cutting materials such as wood, plastics, plasterboard, PVC pipes, and tiles.

But is this enough for a professional finish on every material? No, it’s not, and Tacklife knows this. Therefore, unlike many cheap circular saws, it comes with six blades. Each blade is designed for a specific material, extending the application of the saw. On the other hand, it features a flexible 45-degree bevel cutting blade with a 90 degree scaled gauge lever for a variety of cuts.

Other Features

Don’t you ever wonder about the consequences of your children opening the saw by accident? The circular saw comprises a double safety switch control. Unlike the other machines, you will need to press the button two times to open the saw, which will eventually save you from many casualties.

The dust port is another essential part that stores all the accumulated dust for clear-cutting and clean workspace. The manufacturers know the advantages of multi-tasking, and the dust port does it efficiently.

What we like:

  • The blades can be shifted quickly and easily
  • The vacuum adapter is efficient at blowing away dirt and debris
  • The 6-foot power cord allows flexibility

What we don’t:

  • Has limited and complicated safety features
  • Full-depth cuts may be hard due to sawdust accumulation

Editor’s Rating

4.3 out of 5 stars

Buyers Guide: How to choose the Best Compact and Mini Circular Saws

The compact circular saw might be the most important tool in your workshop, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast. However, despite having a market full of extremely efficient circular saws, not everyone has enough cash to afford them. Therefore, our buying guide consists of the basic features one should look for in a circular saw so they can buy the best tool that matches their needs without overburdening their pockets.

Depth of cut

The depth of a blade is defined as a measure of how deep it can cut through a certain material. This feature depends entirely on your job and personal preferences. Most of the circular saws available in the market have a minimum cutting depth of 1 inch, whereas some of the higher-end models offer their customers a minimum depth of 2 inches- it is more than enough for small scale projects.

Moreover, If you want a saw that is capable of making angles cuts to the edge of the wood, you should look for a blade that allows bevel cuts. Secondly, if your job requires you to cut thick surfaces or materials, then you need a circular saw with larger cutting depth.

Corded vs. Cordless Compact Circular Saws

This factor depends on your desired amount of power, along with the nature of your job. The Cordless saw it utilizes the power supplied by the battery. Therefore, a cordless circular saw is not ideal for you if you plan to cut wood for longer time periods in one go. The reason is that you need to recharge the batteries after a certain period, which is quite frustrating during a job. However, it is a great option if you need to move around for work since it removes the restrictions caused by the length of the power cord. Moreover, they are ideal for outdoor jobs where accessing a power outlet might be hard. Keeping these points in mind, they have a higher price but are a great investment if you are a fan of comfort. They are relatively more durable than their corded counterparts and boasts of a higher power.


The power of the saw is the most important factor while making a buying decision.

The first thing we need to understand is that mini and compact circular saws are not meant for heavy-duty work since they pack less power than the large saws. Their average amperage is 3-5 amps compared to over 15 amperes offered by their larger counterparts. However, you might get your hands on saws with six amps if you are lucky enough.

Briefly, thick materials require a saw with high power so they can easily cut through the materials, whereas a cutting saw for recreational purposes will work great with less power. Therefore, in order to make a reasonable buying decision, you need to be aware of the requirements of your job, such as the materials and scale.

Ergonomic Design

One thing that is often ignored while buying any equipment is its ergonomic design. No, we are not talking about its aesthetics but rather the physical features that enhance its ease of use. They all might seem the same from afar, but some distinctive features set the renowned circular saws apart from the rest. The first thing in a circular saw is its handle; the size of the handle should be shaped in a way to offer a comfortable fit in each hand without any pressure. This ensures minimal hand strains resulting in higher productivity. Moreover, a machine that doesn’t suit your personal hand size might also cause unnecessary injuries.

Secondly, cutting jobs often need you to move around from one workshop to another. A heavy piece of equipment is not mobile enough and will drain your energy within the first half of the day. Therefore a lightweight machine is equally important for higher efficiency and minimal muscle strains. Moving on, you should focus on the user interface and the material of the saw. Every worker has a different skill level. Therefore, a saw with an easy user interface won’t result in any issues during usage. A strong manufacturing material will prolong the life expectancy of the saw. Hence, you won’t have to spend extra cash on replacing it.

The shape of the blades

Almost every compact circular saw has its own, distinct carbide-tipped wood cutting circular blade. The factory blades are reasonable for performing small jobs such as cutting thin wood. However, they aren’t the perfect component for performing well with heavier and bigger tasks. Moreover, the factory blades are not powerful enough to cut other types of materials such as metal, tile, concrete, etc.

Therefore, for experienced workers, it is necessary to upgrade your blades. If your job expects more smooth and even cuts, your circular saw needs a blade with several teeth. On the contrary, blades with limited teeth might do the job quickly but with a ragged finish; this is great for jobs that don’t focus on the aesthetics of the wood but the efficiency level. Another vital factor while selecting a blade for your saw is its size. A larger blade will increase the depth of cut, which is great for bulky materials. The standard size of such blades is 4-inches, while the others are just a tad bit less than this figure.

Other Factors

Apart from the basics, some supplementary features would make your circular saw simpler to use. You should lookout for an easy blade replacement if you are planning to use your saw for a longer time period. Each blade produces a different cut that is equally important; therefore, this feature saves a lot of your time and energy.

Moreover, a laser cutting guide is another great feature, and some may even refer to it as” vital.” The guide emits a straight line onto the material you plan to cut so you can make straight and precise cuts without compromising your safety. The modern circular saws feature LED light that is an innovative version of the laser cutting guide; it provides an even better, straight cut but comes at a premium cost.

Since a cutting job might make you move all over the town, we would recommend you to buy a circular saw that comes with a carrying case. It isn’t necessary but can make its mobility quite easy and convenient.

FAQs About: About Compact/Mini Circular Saws

Q: How do you use a small circular saw?

A: The best way to learn an accurate sawing technique is through tutorial videos. However, our tips can help you achieve a great finish. The first step is to start with a pencil mark at your specific measurement. If you want a precise cut, it’s better to make a V at your chosen points rather than a line, which may result in deviations. Chalks are a good substitute for pencils on plywood.

Secondly, you need to ensure that there’s perfect lighting at your workspace, so your measurements are visible. Arrange the angle of your board in such a way so as to avoid any shadows. Start sawing, but during the process, make sure to puff away the sawdust after every few seconds for a clear view.

Q: What is a compact circular saw used for?

A: The compact circular saws are known to be portable, electrically powered with a flat, round blade specially fashioned for several materials. You can cut materials including metals, plastic wood, whereas some of the more powerful versions are great for cutting stone too.

Q: Are mini circular saws any good?

A: Circular saws are an effective tool for DIY enthusiasts; however, not for everyone. The reason for this statement ensues from the fact that they are made for a limited range of materials and jobs. As some people say, a mini circular saw is not a magic bullet. If you’re looking for a cutting tool that offers convenience, this is a great option. However, if you want a saw that can cut at irregular angles and curves or an overall rough finish, this isn’t the best alternative.

Circular chainsaws are best for quick cuts, portability, and straight lines.

Q: Should I buy a corded or cordless circular saw?

A: Choosing between a corded and cordless circular saw can be a matter of a high debate, especially if you’re not aware of the requirements of your job. Both of them offer a special set of features, and at the end of the day, it only takes your personal preferences into account.

The biggest benefit of a cordless circular saw is its portability. You can carry it everywhere since your activities will not be limited by a wall outlet or power source. You won’t need to bring your project to your workshop or find an outlet, making the process significantly easier for you. On the other hand, corded circular saws provide high power- much more than you would get from a battery-powered device. You won’t need to replenish your battery sources constantly and are a great option for heavy-duty work.

Q: Who makes Genesis saws?

A: Genesis is a renowned saw industry that is affiliated with reliable saw manufacturers known as Rich-power Industries Inc. They are based in upstate South Caroline since 2003; however, the manufacturing takes place in their partner factories in China.


Buying a mini and compact circular saw is hard, especially if you consider the concentrated market. There are several manufacturers that are selling saws with useless features at exorbitant prices. In order to avoid getting scammed, it’s necessary to be aware of the product you plan on buying.

The circular saws featured in this blog guarantee to meet the requirements of the customers and ensure to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction. They are affordable and feature an ergonomic design for an excellent cutting procedure. Moreover, our buying guide contains a list of the necessary factors that should be considered before investing in a mini circular saw.

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